At Ginn Counseling, we recognize that life is difficult. Making sense of challenges and choices can be complicated. Times of stress can tax every relationship, even the relationship with ourself. 

Our goal is to create a relationship in which you can feel comfortable exploring your thoughts and emotions, assisting in discovering new opportunities for growth and change.

In therapy we will cultivate, explore, and direct that change, working together to promote more authentic and satisfying ways of living. We will build a treatment plan that uniquely suits you, joining in understanding your past, paying attention to your embodied way of living, and creating new ways of being, socializing, and thinking.

We all deserve happiness and understanding. Let’s clear the path to these together.

Ginn Counseling, LLC, provides virtual therapy to individuals, couples, and families in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Click here to meet our therapist, Leon Ginn, LCPC, LCP, MSPC. 

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